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Easy Plant-Based Food Swaps For World Vegan Day

1 November is World Vegan Day! Including more healthy plant-based options into your diet may help lower your risk of lifestyle disease and improve things like: digestion and energy levels. Plus it’s better for the planet. So if you’re looking to add more plant-based meals into your diet, here’s a list of easy swaps to get you started.

If you’re never done a “Green Monday” before or perhaps you come from a meat-heavy family background, thinking of how to prepare a plant-based meal may feel daunting. But these days – thanks to the wide range of products available – it’s actually super easy. Plus, making simple food swaps can have a significant impact on your health, the environment and animal welfare.
So, #MedshieldMovement here to help you out with a handy list of easy plant-based food swaps. Who knows? Maybe some of them will stick!

Here are seven simple meal swaps that don’t require much effort, but a simple purchasing choice:

1. Swap Beef Burgers for Veggie Burgers. Opt for delicious veggie or black bean burgers that are packed with plant-based proteins and flavours. They’re easy to buy ready-made or to make at home.

2. Trade Dairy Milk for Plant Milk. Replace cow’s milk with almond, soy or oat milk for your cereal, coffee or baking.

3. Choose Hummus Over Creamy Dips. Hummus is a healthier and plant-based alternative to creamy, dairy-based dips. Check out our guide on three ways to pimp your hummus, here.

4. Use Nutritional Yeast Instead of Parmesan. Nutritional yeast adds a cheesy flavour to your dishes without any dairy. In this lemony asparagus pasta recipe, we show you how!

5. Opt for Avo Instead of Mayonnaise. While you can find vegan mayo on shelves, mashed avocado is a creamy, heart-healthy replacement for mayo in sandwiches and salads.

6. Replace Ground Beef with Lentils. Lentils make a hearty, protein-packed replacement for ground beef in tacos, chilli, and pasta sauce. Try this veggie-packed lasagne recipe!

7. Replace Pulled Pork with Mushrooms. Finely chopped or pulled mushrooms can mimic the texture and flavour of pork in various dishes. If you’re keen on mushrooms, try our mushroom, millet and tofu salad recipe.

If you’re keen to make dietary changes, but not sure how to start, contact your doctor for medical advice or a dietician for a tailor-made nutrition plan that suits your needs. Explore our “recipes” section for more healthy meals to help inspire you in the kitchen.

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