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Feeling Overwhelmed? Here are 5 ways to Instantly Get a Mood Boost

The start of the new work year and the lingering pandemic can leave many of us feeling stressed, overwhelmed and in need of a quick mood boost!

Here are five easy ways in which you can give yourself that mood boost!


  1. Get up and change your body position.


This could be a simple movement, like standing up and stretching your arms toward the ceiling or even shrugging your shoulders up and then away from your ears a few times. This helps us to release tension that we often tend to store in our neck and shoulders and create a sense of relaxation.


Also, just the act of moving your body and changing position can help to change your headspace.


  1. Play your fave song.


No matter where you are, pop your headphones on and play your fave mood-boosting song. Better yet, take some time over the weekend or in the evening to create a mood-boosting playlist that you can tap into when you need it. Try this playlist.


  1. Watch a funny video.


Seriously. There’s a reason why these videos go viral – they make people laugh, which instantly boosts your mood. Search “funny animal videos” in youtube and allow yourself five to 10 minutes to zone out and laugh at goats. Try this.


  1. Take a quick walk or practise some yoga


Moving your body changes your energy and getting fresh air can revitalise the brain and rejuvenate the body. Practising a few yoga movements will also help to relieve stress and offer you a mood boost. Need some help? Check out our videos here.


  1. Practise Gratitude


Taking a few minutes to write down or even think of three things you are grateful for in this very moment, can give you a mood boost. The consistent practice of gratitude has been shown to help increase overall feelings of contentment and happiness.


Know When It’s Time To Ask For Help


Prolonged anxiety can lead to depression and feelings of hopelessness as well as physical symptoms like exhaustion, lack of sleep and heart palpitations to name a few. If you’re feeling overwhelmed to the point where your daily life is being affected, your behaviour is changing and you’re starting to feel depressed, reach out. Speak to your doctor, ask for a recommendation to see a psychologist or call the SADAG helpline: 011 234 4837.

If you need to find a doctor, click here for a list of doctors on the Medshield Network.

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