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Festive Season Stress Is Real. Here’s How To Cope.

Coupled with end-of-year burnout, the festive season can leave some of us feeling anxious and overwhelmed and the lingering COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t help anyone’s nerves.

So, what exactly is festive season stress and how can we overcome those feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious? 

  1. Journal It Out. Sometimes it’s hard to identify exactly where the stress is coming from and sometimes we know exactly what it is (deadlines, family, monetary pressure). Either way, journaling is a great way to identify and manage those stressful thoughts. Sometimes writing thoughts down in a private place helps us feel a lot easier and more in control of what we’re going through.

  2. Set Boundaries. Stress at this time of year comes from a rise in expectations, like deadlines, gift shopping, finances, safety, Christmas lunch and keeping a clean house with family popping by regularly. This can be exhausting and nerve-wracking. Be open and honest about what you’re okay taking on and where you need help. Don’t be afraid to delegate. Don’t be afraid to say no.

  3. Be realistic about your budget. One of the biggest causes of stress comes from the feeling of having to overspend. Work out what you can realistically spend on gifts, lunches and family. Manage children’s expensive gift expectations with honest conversations and think of presents that you can make together as a family (like homemade jam or plants that you have propagated). 

  4. Find time for the things that give you a sense of safety and security. This time of year can be overwhelming. It’s important to focus on small things that you can control and things that keep you feeling sane. Perhaps that’s scheduling a yoga session or taking 10 minutes to meditate or clean the kitchen. 

Remember that no one should ever suffer alone. If you need to speak to someone, we have a wide range of medical experts on our network. Visit the Medshield website to find one nearest to you. 

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