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Holiday Hacks To Stay On track

Festive foods, celebrations, and parties – the holidays are a time to relax and unwind but this can sometimes mean that our wellness goals fall by the wayside as our routines slow down and change to suit the holiday season. So, here are some easy hacks to help you stay on track, and still have fun.

1. Choose Your Catch-Ups
The festive season is a great time to catch up with friends and family. Instead of meeting for drinks or cake, suggest going for a walk or hike while catching up. This way you can get some extra exercise in, while bonding with your loved ones.

2. Offer To Host
If you’re the host, you get to make all the decisions about what goes on the table. Lay out a harvest table of delicious healthy salads and high-protein dishes that are healthy and yummy. Try these recipes.

3. Bake Your Own Treats

While this can be more time-consuming, it’s also super-rewarding. Plus, making your own treats means that you know exactly what you’re consuming. Many store-bought goods are laden with sugar, salts, fats and other additives. Try these healthy chocolate oat brownies.

4. Get Good Quality Sleep

When we are sleep deprived we tend to make worse food choices. Why? Sleep affects our hormones – including hormones that control appetite. When you’re sleep-deprived, your body may crave more sugary foods, seeking that hit of dopamine.

5. Stay Hydrated

With water! Always have a bottle or glass of water at your side. It is super important to stay hydrated, especially as we head into the warmer summer months.


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