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How To Actually Use A Wattbike

A watt bike offers a very convenient way to get in a controlled cardio session that is low impact and efficient. Not sure how to approach this machine in the gym? We’ve got you covered. Plus, try this workout!

A Wattbike or exercise bicycle at the gym that measures your power output in watts, provides a truly efficient way for cyclists to train and for runners or other sportspeople to cross-train. It can also serve as an excellent warm-up tool for any gym session.

The Bike Set Up

The Wattbike needs to be set up for your height and body geometry. Adjust the seat post so that the saddle is in line with your hip bone. When you get on the bike and clip in or fit your takkies into the holders, your legs should still be slightly bent. PLace your elbow at the tip of the seat and reach your arm forward to the handle bars. You should be able to just touch them. You will need to adjust the distance of the handlebars to be closer or further away from the saddle as needed and as high up as the seat (so they’re in line). You will also need to know what your weight is as this data is important for inputting into the machine to accurately measure your power output. 

Let’s Get Technical 

There is a wattbike app, which you can download that will sync to the wattbike and help to track and record your data. This is very efficient for those who want to also make use of the free wattbike training programmes and for those who want to analyse their data. 

You can also sync the watt bike to your sports watch. Most sports watches sync easily to watt bike machines, via bluetooth. All you need to do is make sure that your watch picks up both the cadence and the power, this way your watch can keep track of the kms and effort you put in, while giving you heart-rate data.

What Is An FTP Test And Should You Do It?

You don’t have to do the FTP test if you’re not using the app. However, knowing your own FTP enables you to track your progress, analyse your rides and set accurate pacing strategies for your key events. FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power and it’s a measure of the best average power output you could sustain for one hour in a time-trial scenario. This will change / improve as you get fitter. It’s also important to keep checking your weight and inputting the correct weight data. 

There is a built-in FTP test on the wattbike app, so all you need to do is follow the instructions. 

You can also simply enjoy riding the wattbike with the “Just Ride” setting and adjust the levers according to the level of difficulty you want to ride at. 

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