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It’s Men’s Health Month. Here’s What You Need To Know

June is Men’s Health Month in South Africa, an important time to draw attention to men’s health and create awareness around preventable health problems, encourage early detection and provide treatment for male-related health conditions.

Men’s Health Month serves as a reminder to get yourself checked, get tested and to make small changes to live a healthier lifestyle that help to prevent health-related issues.

The Silent Health Crisis

In 1920, the life expectancy gender gap between men and women was only one year, with females living longer. By 2017, men had been dying approximately five years sooner than women. Men have a higher death rate for most leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more.

Suicide affects more men than women, read more here. Generally, men are employed in jobs that can be high risk to their health and well-being when things go wrong, such as mining and construction.  These factors contribute heavily to men having a shorter life expectancy.

Small Changes Can Help

Men’s Health Month serves as a reminder to book your medical check-ups, seek help and to make small lifestyle changes that improve bodies for the better. “Just like taking the car in for an oil change or a service, men also need to take themselves to the doctor’s office to make sure everything is running smoothly,” says David Gremillion of the Men’s Health Network.

Eating healthier and exercising regularly have also been shown to significantly reduce the chance of developing lifestyle diseases and stress. For more information on hacks to reduce salt intake, read here and for healthy vegetable recipes click here.

Our #MedshieldMovement Resource Hub is filled with information to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. However, we always recommend consulting a healthcare professional for check-ups and medical advice.

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