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Why should your child practice yoga?

In our fast paced world, where our senses are constantly being bombarded and the expectation to over achieve is high, yoga can really help one calm down, pause and breathe. We at Yogi BearsZA believe giving this tool of reflection and introspection, the tool to connect, mind, body and breath will really aid in all life decisions children will need to make.

Yoga is the greatest tool to add to any child’s toolbox for life.

Let us explore the benefits in more:

  • Physical: Promotes balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. Includes breathing techniques to improve self-awareness and self-control.
  • Emotional: Boosts self-esteem and confidence. Provides a non-competitive and non-judgmental space for children to interact. Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Social: Facilitates social interaction between children. Including appropriate social and coping skills through the use of themes. Promotes respect for self, for others, for the world.
  • Mental: Addresses focus and attention. Teaches mindfulness as well as strengthens mind-body connection.
  • Other: Balances energy (high or low), inspires more play, creativeness and promotes connectedness with self and others.

Yoga is not like other extra murals and here is why:

As already eluded, children are living lives that are busier than ever. They wake up and immediately get ready for 6 hours (or more) of school. Their day is packed with academic work, physical education, play on the playground and when the school day is done, an extra mural or two.  Then there is homework that needs to be done and we are already at dinner, bed and bath  without much quality time with the family or themselves. There are a few special things that yoga brings to a child’s life that sets it apart from other forms of sport or exercise let us just expand on 3:

  1. Yoga is not competitive. The emphasis is not on winning in a yoga class but working as a team or working to the best of your ability. The aim of yoga is for children (or adults) to become more in tune with themselves and their bodies, their strengths and their weaknesses.
  2. Yoga incorporates themes to facilitate esteem and social skills. Let’s look at the theme of a flower or tree. By incorporating yoga postures around this theme and using words such as “grow, flourish and expand”, we facilitate confidence and self-esteem. It incorporates social skills, “my flower is different, it may be smaller, a different size or colour, but we are all beautiful”.
  3. Yoga focuses on breathing. Teaching children how to breathe in a yoga class will help them to use these tools when they are angry, anxious, upset or sad in different situations. Breathing becomes their super power and they feel more empowered to self-regulate in difficult times.

Yoga for kids is a wholesome fun filled practice that ticks the physical, emotional, and social development in children. It is a tool that can be used anywhere at any time and for these reasons we at Yogi BearsZA believe Yoga for Kids is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give your child.

Cami Barausse.
Founder of Yogi BearsZA- Yoga for Kids.

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