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7 Healthy Snacks For Your Lunchbox

These healthy snacks are a great idea for teens’  lunch boxes, taking to the office or simply prepping for those weekends at home.

1/ Salted roasted chickpeas – lower in calories than nuts, with some plant protein and a salty kick to nix those cravings, salted roasted chickpeas are really easy to make and store in zip lock bags. Not sure how to make them? See this easy recipe here.

2/ Trail mix – this mixture of nuts, seeds and dried fruit often ticks all the boxes and it’s a great healthy snack that’s easy to make at home and portion out into bags or to even have as a breakfast with yoghurt and banana. This granola recipe is oat-free and works really well as a trail mix.

3/ Boiled eggs – easy, quick protein to curb those hanger pans. Boiled eggs keep well in the fridge and can quickly be mashed on toast or eaten as is for a good dose of protein – ideally for a post-workout snack.

4/ Protein shake – whether you’re using a whey protein-based shake or vegan protein, the trick is to get 20g in after exercise. These days it’s easy to find a variety of protein shakes on shelves that suit your needs (just make sure to read the labels for sugar content).

5/ Popcorn – we know this one may sound boring, but popcorn is a surprisingly healthy snack that’s really easy to make. Popcorn is high in fibre and it’s a whole grain. Popcorn also contains phenolic acid, a type of  antioxidant.

6/ Yoghurt – those little tubs of yoghurt are super convenient as a quick-and-easy snack that’s packed with protein and healthy fats. The trick is to check the ingredient list and values on the packaging. Low-fat is not always better and often contains more sugar. The best option is to choose plain Greek / full-cream yoghurt (in summer these are great to pop in the freezer with an ice cream stick as a cooling healthy snack).

7/ Crudites – the good old-faithful cucumber slices, celery sticks, cocktail tomatoes and baby carrots. Pair these with a portion of hummus and you have a great mix of protein, fibre and nutrient-rich fresh ingredients.

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