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Here’s How You Can Get Your Company To Be Healthier!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get your colleagues moving more, eating better and taking their health more seriously, then jump on board Corporate Wellness Week this July!

From 3 to 7 July 2023, it’s South Africa’s Corporate Wellness Week – and a great excuse to set your colleagues a fitness challenge, introduce some healthy eating options at the office, organise a yoga or meditation class and more. Here are some tips for making the most of Corporate Wellness Weak and influence a greater change.

Creating greater awareness around health and wellness can lead to positive knock-on effects, such as better mood, better overall performance and energy and less anxiety and stress. Try these five ways to celebrate Corporate Wellness Week and inspire some healthy habits!

1. Celebrate Healthy Food

This can be done by ordering fruit baskets for the week and having healthy snacks for a big meeting or brainstorming, such as crudites, health bars, fresh-pressed juices and salads. Offer ginger shots to teams (a much needed immune booster in winter) or try the new healthy restaurant down the road as a collective for lunch.

2. Standing Meetings

Try standing meetings for the week – this will mean that people move more, burn more calories, and, realistically, it means these meetings may become more time efficient. It could be a great new habit changer.

3. Book a Wellness-Inspired Team Building

Organise a beginner-friendly yoga or meditation class for your team or get an instructor to come to you during a lunch break and block the time off in diaries. Introducing the calming effects of breathwork and gentle movement can help your co-workers learn how to be more self aware and to manage their stress levels. At the very least, it will be a good bonding session.

4. Go for a Walk

Encourage your team to take a lunch break walk – even if it’s just around the neighbourhood. Or encourage an early-morning or after-work walk through your local park, promenade or mountains.

5. Share inspiring content

Curate a newsletter with links to wellness podcasts, meditation podcasts or playlists, audiobooks or blogs (like this one!) that offer health and wellness content.

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