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Vegan Mushroom Potjie Recipe

The weather is getting warmer and braai season is here. This vegan mushroom potjie dish is the perfect dish for those spring evenings, which can still get cool once the sun sets. It’s delicious, easy to make and healthy. 

While this recipe is designed to slow cook in a potjie for a few hours, it’s also totally doable in a large Dutch-oven-style dish. 


1. Like a good curry, it’s better the next day. 

2. This potjie recipe is totally allergen-friendly – no gluten or dairy.

3. You can swap out some of the veg for others that you have lying around at home, like aubergine, cauliflower, patty pans etc.

What You Need:

1 brown onion, finely chopped

2-3 large carrots, grated, 

4 large celery stalks, thinly sliced

Olive oil, for sautéing

Fresh rosemary twig (or a tsp of dried) / thyme

Pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1/2 to 1 red chilli, sliced (it’s just a little bite and isn’t meant to be “spicy”)

3 to 4 large brown mushrooms, torn into pieces
10-12 shiitake (or regular brown or button mushrooms), torn or slighted into quarters

4 large carrots, peeled and cut into large chunks

4 large courgettes, cut into large chunks

10 to 12 baby potatoes, quartered

2 tins chopped tomatoes (400g each)

1 TBSP tamari (or low-sodium soy sauce)

1 litre vegetable stock

Handful of green beans, top and tiled and then sliced into thirds

2 TBSP miso

Lemon zest / juice for garnishing 

Fresh Italian parsley for garnishing


1. Sauté the first three ingredients together in olive oil until softened. 

2. Add the garlic and chilli and sauté for another couple of minutes. 

3. Deglaze with a good half cup of red wine (the wine adds a depth of flavour) or some water if non-alcoholic.

4. Add all the veg, tinned tomatoes and tamari and stir to combine. 

5. Add the stock and place the lid on and allow to slow-cook for two to three hours, depending on your heat (oven temperature around 150 degrees celsius). 

6. When you think the potjie is ready and cooked to perfection (sauce has reduced and vegetables are cooked tough), add the green beans and cook for just 10 minutes more. 

7. Remove from the heat, stir in the miso (extra umami). Garnish and serve with rice or on its own. 

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