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 Tips To Burn Extra Calories Over The Festive Season

Many individuals pick up a few extra kilograms in weight over the festive season. If you’re on a weight-loss or weight-management programme, we have some tips for burning extra calories during the holidays to help keep your programme or diet in check.

Tip 1: Add in active activities

Organise festive season activities for the family that involve movement. This could be walks, hikes, beach or lawn cricket or soccer, surfing or bodyboarding, beach bats or sign up for padel or tennis round robins.

Tip 2: Include short workouts
We have a great 15-minute and 30-minute summer workout programme that requires no equipment! Check them out here.

Tip 3: Check portion sizes

The festive season often equates to an abundance of food. If you’re watching your weight, choose a smaller plate or smaller portion sizes to help monitor calorie intake.

Tip 4: Pile on nutrient-dense foods

Skip the fast foods and crisps where possible by making sure you have easy access to healthy snacks, like crudites and low-calorie fruits (blueberries) and make sure the majority of your plate is filled with healthy veggies.

Tip 5: Stay hydrated
Start each day and each meal with a big glass of water and don’t forget to sip plain water in between.

Want to know how you can tell if you’re not drinking enough water? Read this article <link to dehydration article>

Tip 6: Dance the night away!
We’re serious – dancing is a fun way to burn calories and have a good time! Encourage others to join in and even make it a fun group activity at home.

Tip 7: Get enough sleep

While the festive season often includes late night, being tired will certainly lead to craving sugary drinks and fast food. Try to maintain getting enough good-quality sleep where possible.

Consistent small changes can really go a long way to living an active healthy lifestyle. It’s important to consult with your medical doctor before making any significant changes to your exercise routine or diet. A dietician can also help craft a tailor-made, sustainable eating plan that works with your lifestyle.

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